Underwater Wedding

Elisabeth & Thomas

Underwater wedding. The couple wanted Neptune, to lead them into his underwater kingdom, in order to take their promisses, they gave to one another.

Wedding Planner

As a wedding planner, I love extraordenary weddings such as underwater weddings for divers. However in Austria there are very good possibilities to celebrate your wedding ceremony underwater in one of its pristine lakes with drinking water quality.


We will help you find the right location by the lake, where a professional team will guide you through your day, taking care of the ceremony, giving eachother the rings and helping you with ideas for your underwater wedding.


There are many possibilities how you can organize a divers wedding. Maybe the ceremony can take part in a more shallow bit, in  order that your guests can watch from the pier, or even snorkeling.


And outside the water you will find a lovely decorated pavillion for the civil ceremony, with the registrar, directly at the lakeshore.


Then you can celebrate your reception with champagne direktly by the lake. You and your guests will feel as if they where on holiday.


Unterwasser Hochzeit im Attersee am 10.07.2012 von Elisabeth + Thomas Melan


underwater wedding in Austria
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